Installation & Configuration - Steps



  1. Install traXSIcon system (connector and configurator) 
  2. Start the traXSIcon configurator
  3. Request User / Password and License Key for Testing (for free)
  4. Enter manually or only activate the License Key
  5. Enter the SAP system related Data
  6. Install & Start traXSIcon connector service (or better RUN in foreground) out from the configurator
  7. Configuration of the RFC connection in your SAP system
  8. Check Configuration of a carrier
  9. Read the Carrier/ Forwarder from SAP
  10. Configuration of Forwarder / Carrier
  11. Link the Forwarder / Carrier linked to the (Test-)Service-Provider in


 Check Trace and Track Data in your System


1. Install traXSIcon system (connector and configurator)

You can download and install the system (traXSIcon-connector and traXSIcon-configurator) here :

Run the setup procedure: 
- either download the ZIP file and extract into a folder and the run the setup.exe
- directly execute the MSI file.

You will need admin rights on your computer (for setup and initial setup within configurator). After setup and initial configuration the configurator can be operated by standard Windows user.
The setup will install a windows service on the Computer to run the connector.