Track & Trace data in SAP – Benefits and Options - Exceptions



Handling of Exceptions:

  • Information about Losses,
  • Information about Damages,
  • Information about Delays
  • Acceptance Refusal
  • . . .

All event types can be handeled by traXSIcon and be transmitted into SAP to start activities by SAP workflow depending on the event type.

For customer orders / outbound shipments this data can improve:

  • Visibility in sales area for customer information, shipment advices
  • Manage Customer complaints
  • Trigger call back orders
  • Trigger transport insurance Ccaims
  • Trigger invoicing
  • Monitoring / benchmarking of provider
  • Lead time adjustments
  • Exception handling (accidents / loss / damage  / delays) can be triggered

The potential supply chain / inbound shipments improvements:

  • Update ETA@Warehouse (specially for sea shipments) can update your scheduling of purchase orders (and consequently update sales order scheduling or production planning)
  • Reservation / resource management (doors / WH / staff)  based on updated ETA
  • Exception handling (Accidents / Loss / Damage  / Delays) can be triggered
  • Lead time adjustments


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